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Why sit back and let vandals and criminals steal your hard-earned belongings when you can stop them with Theft Deterrents. has a large collection of anti-theft products that will significantly reduce the chance of your equipment being stolen or misused.

For Contractors & Builders

We offer a broad range of heavy equipment locks for excavators, cargo doors, skidsteer vehicles, portable offices, and more.

For Landscapers

Our locking trimmer racks can help to protect and organize your landscaping tools.

For Homeowners

Our water faucet locks and hose bibb lockouts prevent water theft, and wheel locks protect vehicles.

Best Sellers
Trailer Hitch Lock for Heavy Equipment - Keyed AlikeTrailer Hitch Lock for Heavy Equipment - Keyed AlikeHeavy Equipment Stabilizer Lock - 18" LengthHeavy Equipment Stabilizer Lock - 18" Length
  • Built with 1/4" plate steel and a 1" solid steel shaft
  • Useable on any ball 1 7/8", 2" and 2 5/16" or any ring-type hitch
  • Keyed alike means the same key will open multiple locks
  • Electro-plated and powder coated finish
  • Secures full-sized backhoes in the down position
  • Made of 3" channel steel
  • 2" cylinder width
  • Inner rubberized foam protects cylinder
  • All other full-sized backhoes use the 18"
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Our Price: $209.50
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